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The University of Nottingham Skydiving Club

The University of Nottingham Skydiving club is hands down the largest of the skydiving clubs in the UK. We are a group of students who meet up any day the sky is blue to jump out of a perfectly good plane!

Living in Nottingham means you are just 25 minutes away from the largest civilian Dropzone in the UK. That equates to lots of jumping!

We organise socials on a regular basis for our club members, which essentially becomes a big group of mates. We also heavily interact with the small, but global skydiving community. You’ll meet all sorts of skydivers, it brings out the best in us all. Stay around long enough in the sport and you’ll have a place to stay in most countries!

The club is part of the British Collegiate Parachuting Association – a non-profit organisation who arrange events all year round for universities around the UK.

Our Ambition

We want to develop the holistic model of skydiving as sport at the University of Nottingham, through

  • Using BPA (British Parachute Association)–approved centres to provide a structured training programme to enable our members to progress through the BPA licensing system.
  • Supporting members of all levels to progress to the next stage of learning and competition in the sport.
  • Creating and providing a social and friendly community for the recreational enjoyment of its members, in both a sporting and social entertainment capacity.
  • Encouraging competition with other university skydiving clubs throughout the UK via the BCPA (British Collegiate Parachute Association) and via any direct link

Photo: Roy Wimmer

How we are achieving our Ambition

Social Events

We organise events and club socials on a regular basis throughout the year


We provide and manage a cashless transport system to make finding lifts as easy as possible

Kit Hire

We offer world class skydiving equipment and ensure it is always maintained to the highest standard

Getting You Started With Jumping

We work directly with the Dropzone to get you the best prices for your course and we take care of all the logistics

Ticket Subsidisation

We directly subsidise our Jump Tickets for our current UoN Students


We buy and provide our members with equipment at near cost-price prices, to save them as much money as possible to spend on jump tickets!