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Bus Guide

Getting to the Airfield


PART 1) Take one of the buses going to Broadmarsh Bus Station (Indigo, 34, 35, 36 or other buses to the city center and then walk to Broadmarsh Bus Station). These run every 6-7 minutes, and take around 10 minutes.


PART 2) OPTION A) To make your way to Langar between Monday and Saturday, catch the "Rushcliffe Greens" bus from Bay 5, which runs hourly from 8:32 until 14:32 and takes 1h10m.

Or alternatively, there is an express bus service running from Broadmarsh Bus Station to Langar between Monday and Saturday. Catch the “Rushcliffe Greens” Bus from Bay 5, which runs hourly from 9:02 to 15:32 and takes just over half an hour.


PLEASE NOTE: Not all Rushcliffe Greens buses run to Langar, so I recommend asking the bus driver first.


Get off the bus at Langar near The Unicorn’s Head and it’s a 20 minute walk to the airfield. Follow this walking route: https://goo.gl/maps/tzCGY

•Turn left around The Unicorn’s Head car park towards Barnstone.

•Keep walking for a few minutes until you reach the T Junction.

•Turn right off Cropwell Road towards Langar Airfield.

•Keep walking up the road, past the Langar Industrial State, past John Deere, until you reach the airfield. It’ll take about 15 minutes from this point.

•Enter on the left side of the road, opposite the metal recycling centre OR enter the car park through the next left.


If you get confused, the bus drivers / locals are very friendly, so just ask for someone for directions.


PART 2) OPTION B) Alternatively make your way to Bingham to get down by first lift (9:00), on a Sunday, or if you’ve missed the bus in option A. Catch the "Rushcliffe Greens" Express Service from Bay 5 – make sure that it’s the Express Service! The bus runs early till late, every 15 minutes for the majority of the day, and takes 30m.


PLEASE NOTE, Bingham is 5 miles from the airfield so you cannot walk, and will either need:

- To get a taxi – Roma Cars are based in Bingham and charge £12 to get to the airfield. Their number is 01949 875377. However they do not always answer.

- To get someone to pick you up – call the airfield on 01949 860878 to advertise the fact that you can pay anyone willing to collect you from Bingham.

- To take a bike – Ask the bus driver nicely and most of them will allow you to take your bike in the bus.




Getting Back from the Airfield


Head to Langar to catch the “Rushcliffe Greens” service at 9:40 hourly till 15:40, everyday but Sunday, which takes you back to Broadmarsh Bus Station in 1h10m.


Later than that you’ll have to make your way to Bingham to catch the “Rushcliffe Green” Express Service, which runs regularly almost 24/7. You’ll have to either ride your bike, get a lift from a driver, or get a taxi into Bingham.


Or you can try your luck and see if you can get a lift into Nottingham with a driver!


… Equally you can always sleep at Langar, and it’s always free.


The Indigo from Bay 3 at Broadmarsh Bus Station and many other buses will take you to campus, Lenton or Beeston.




Fares (Liable to Change)


ALL-ROUND BEST OPTION) If you have a STUDENT MANGO card, you get 35% off single fares, and your total daily fare after 9 am is capped at £5, so after that, all buses are free. This is the cheapest option for a one way trip, or a return trip for 1 or 2 people, so additionally, you don’t need to know in advance if you’re getting the bus back.


If you don’t know, a MANGO card is a pre-paid wireless bus card. Visit http://www.trentbarton.co.uk/fares-and-tickets/mango and follow the instructions. Make sure you buy a STUDENT MANGO for the best price. You will need your student ID card with you to be able to use it.


The card costs £3 and can be topped up online or at the station in amounts of £10 or more. Once it arrives, you register it online. When using it swipe at the start AND end of the journey.


DAY TRIP BEST OPTION) Pay in cash and get a ZIGZAG ticket. A zigzag is a £6 all-day ticket that can be used unlimited times on all trentbarton buses (Indigo, Rushcliffe Greens etc, ie the entire return journey) until midnight. It can be bought on the bus any time after 9am on weekdays and at any time on weekends.


A “zigzag group” is £13 and allows up to 5 people to travel together. A group of 5 people will pay £2.60 each for the entire trip.


OVERNIGHT OR PRE-9AM BEST OPTION) Pay in cash and get a Two Trip Return ticket. It’ll cost you about £6, but will allow you to return any day, be that the next day or in a week (for the serious Langar goer).





Indigo / 34/35/36 single (with Student Card) - £1

Single to Langar / Bingham - £3.40 / £3.60

Single to Langar / Bingham (with Student MANGO) - £2.21 / £2.34




Two Trip Return to Langar / Bingham - £5.90 / £5.80






All timetables can be found for the trentbarton “Rushcliffe Greens” buses at: https://www.trentbarton.co.uk/services/rushcliffegreens/timetable


Thanks to Paul Willock, George Abrahams and Ellie Marshall for writing and updating this guide!

34 Timetable Indigo Timetable 22 Timetable Xprss Timetable