With AFF, you jump from 13,500ft (max altitude) from the very first jump. Each AFF student is assigned 2 instructors who will assist you in your accelerated progression to becoming qualified.

Ground training is conducted on a Monday, and then you are free to jump whenever suits you best.

The course is split into 8 levels which you must pass before completing 10 solo ‘consol’ jumps.

AFF is typically more expensive, but is also typically faster and a more sure-fire way to become qualified without getting stuck.


The Ram-Air Progression System (RAPS) is our most popular student course. It begins with a day of ground training (usually on a Saturday, but we also run Wednesday courses), followed by jumping the next day if the weather is good!

Our RAPS package includes 1 free jump with your 2nd half price, which can be used any day of the week. Once you have done your ground training, you can turn up any time to jump, which is why it is seen as a ‘pay-as-you-go’ style system.

Qualification usually takes between 16 and 25 jumps, the first 5-10 of which are on a ‘static line’ until you prove you’re able to pull your own parachute. Following this, you progress to learn various techniques while gradually increasing the altitude you jump from.