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Getting Your Skydiving A-Licence

Your Skydiving BPA A-Licence is your key to the sky. Once you’ve got it you can then skydive solo anywhere in the world with minimal hassle. It tells Dropzones (what we call the place where we skydive) that you are competent to skydive out of a plane by yourself!

Now to get this coveted skydiving A-licence, you’ll need to complete a skydiving course, of which there are two in the UK that both lead to the exact same qualification and skydiving documents.

One is called AFF and the other is called RAPS.


With AFF, you jump from 13,500ft (max altitude) from the very first jump. Each AFF student is assigned 2 instructors who will assist you in your accelerated progression to becoming qualified.

Ground training is conducted on a Monday, and then you are free to jump whenever suits you best.

The course is split into 8 levels which you must pass before completing 10 solo ‘consol’ jumps.

AFF is typically more expensive, but is also typically faster and a more sure-fire way to become qualified without getting stuck.


The Ram-Air Progression System (RAPS) is our most popular course, due to the Pay-As-You-Jump nature. It starts with a day of ground training, this takes up most of the day and covers all the information and drills required for you to safely complete a skydive. From the moment you start to get your gear ready, the plane ride up, the exit, what you do under your parachute, until your landing. You will be trained to react accordingly in a number of scenarios in the unlikely event of something going wrong. 

You will be taught in classes with a maximum of 12 students. To get your licence you need show your proficiency by meeting the criteria and passing all the stages of which there are different requirements for each. With more information being added on as you are deemed to have successfully completed the last stage. we like to think of it as adding layers to a cake. Below is a table of the progression

Our RAPS package includes 1 free jump with your 2nd half price, which can be used any day of the week. Once you have done your ground training, you can turn up any time to jump, which is why it is seen as a ‘pay-as-you-go’ style system.

Qualification usually takes between 16 and 25 jumps, the first 5-10 of which are on a ‘static line’ until you prove you’re able to pull your own parachute. Following this, you progress to learn various techniques while gradually increasing the altitude you jump from.

Altitude (ft)



Static Line


Dummy Ripcord Pulls


5 second freefall delays


10 second freefall delays


15 second freefall delays




Unstable exit


Dive Exit and back loops


Tracking & track turns


A license qualifying jump