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How to get qualified



The Ram-Air Progression System (RAPS) is our most popular student course. It begins with a day of ground training (usually on a Saturday, but we also run Wednesday courses), followed by jumping the next day if the weather is good!


Our RAPS package includes 1 free jump with your 2nd half price, which can be used any day of the week. Once you have done your ground training, you can turn up any time to jump, which is why it is seen as a 'pay-as-you-go' style system.


Qualification usually takes between 16 and 25 jumps, the first 5-10 of which are on a 'static line' until you prove you're able to pull your own parachute. Following this, you progress to learn various techniques while gradually increasing the altitude you jump from.



With AFF, you jump from 13,500ft (max altitude) from the very first jump. Each AFF student is assigned 2 instructors who will assist you in your accelerated progression to becoming qualified.


Ground training is conducted on a Monday, and then you are free to jump whenever suits you best.


The course is split into 8 levels which you must pass before completing 10 solo 'consol' jumps.


AFF is typically more expensive, but is also typically faster and a more sure-fire way to become qualified without getting stuck.



We find that a lot of people struggle with the choice between the two so there are a few things you should know:


1) RAPS usually ends up cheaper than AFF but can be more expensive if you're slow to progress. On average RAPS costs £750 to qualify and AFF costs £1500 to qualify (with us). After you're qualified jumping costs £17/jump regardless of which course you chose.


2) They both teach the same things (the aim of both is to teach you to deploy your own parachute at the right altitude and in a stable position). The difference is that in AFF you get air to air coaching from 2 coaches. RAPS is more of a pay-as-you-go progression system.


3) AFF is skydiving + parachuting from the first jump, exiting the plane from 13,500ft with a minute of freefall. With the RAPS system you jump from around 3,500ft until you have cleared the first few levels (around 5-10 jumps normally).


4) You can generally get through AFF in less time than RAPS but it usually works out as the more expensive option.


5) There is a high dropout rate for RAPS because  although parachuting alone is fun - it's not skydiving... you'll need to be patient for 5-10ish jumps!


6) Beginning July 2014, if you choose to do RAPS, we'll give you your tenth jump for free. So, if you feel you're getting stuck, focus on that free jump up ahead!


Don't hesitate to drop us an email or call for further information. Please click the link below for more information on learning to skydive.


Which should I choose?

We offer two progression systems - the one you choose is up to you. Take a read of the pros and cons below.

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