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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions


How much does it cost to join the club?

£25. This goes towards kit & ticket subsidy, and doesn't even scratch the surface of the amount of money you'll save once qualified! Our qualified members do on average 100 jumps per academic year, thats a saving of £1,800! We also now offer £15 Friday tickets for experienced members, making that the cheapest skyiving ticket you can purchase in the country.


How do I sign up for a training course, RAPS or AFF?

Come along to one of our free Freshers introduction talks.


Tuesday 29th September - 7pm Clive Granger A41

Thursday 1st October - 7pm Clive Granger A41


If you have already purchased membership to the club, you'll be at the front of the queue for dates available


Does skydiving make you more successful with the opposite sex?

Yes, this is a well known fact.


Is skydiving safe?

Check out 'About > The Sport' tab


I want to do a Tandem Skydive

That's the first step to getting a taste for the sport. Unfortunately the club cannot offer a discount on a tandem skydive, we therefore ask you to contact Skydive Langar directly.



RAPS Questions


How much does it cost?

£175 for the initial training and 1 jump. Your 2nd jump is half price and then £39 per jump thereafter and £17 once you're qualified. If you qualify in the average 20 jumps, it costs around £850 altogether to get your license.


How many jumps until I'm a qualified skydiver?

This all depends on your progression, which is partly due to your commitment and how quickly you put the jumps in.

The minimum jumps you must perform to qualify is 16. From our experience, the average is 20. Our advice is to head to the dropzone as frequently as you can, and jump as often as you can. Don't try to timetable in a certain number of jumps per day, you'll only progress slower, trust us.


How is it different to AFF?

Both courses end with the same qualification.

AFF is seen to be the accelerated course, usually taking less time to become a qualified skydiver.

With AFF you have one-on-one in-air coaching by some of the world's best skydiving instructors.


Do I have to buy any of my own kit?

Yes and no. Initially all kit is provided.

As you progress, you'll be expected to buy your own altimeter, helmet, gloves and jump suit. There are great 2nd hand groups on facebook for when you do.

But don't worry, this stuff is normally bought after you’re a qualified skydiver!

You do not have to buy the most expensive piece of kit, the rig, until much much later once you have graduated uni or are ready for something more advanced!


Do you do it with other Nottingham students?

Yes (and other university students too!)


When can I start?

As soon as we can book you onto a course. This is normally a couple of weeks. Contact us, preferably with a weekend in mind, and we'll book you a space on a course.


Are you better skydiver if you do AFF?

The short answer is no. Many of the most successful skydivers in the BCPA began by doing RAPS. AFF is a quicker way to get qualified, and being assigned 2 instructors while you are learning might give you a larger breadth of knowledge earlier on, but there is still LOTS to learn once you qualify.



AFF Questions


Why is it so expensive?

You’re paying for 2 of the world's best instructors and skydivers to jump with you. Their time is dedicated just for you, which means you'll learn fast and do more jumps in a day. It often means you are qualified within a matter of weeks (although this is still possible with RAPS).


How many jumps until I’m a qualified skydiver?

On average, 18: Unless you have to repeat a level, all AFF training is done over 8 jumps. After the 8 jumps you will do 10 ‘consolidation’ jumps and get your license.


I think I have enough money, would you recommend doing AFF instead of RAPS?

On balance, yes we would. A higher percentage of people end up qualified if they start off on AFF, so you can get qualifed and crack on with further progress. You don't learn with such a big group of uni students as you do with RAPS, so make sure you keep chatting to other people round the dropzone and integrate with the club.


Tandem Questions


How do I book a tandem skydive?

We currently cannot offer any discount for tandem jumps on the rate provided by Skydive Langar. It is therefore best for you to contact them personally by going to skydivelangar.co.uk and either emailing or calling. When you're getting yourself booked in, let them know you are a Nottingham Uni student.


How high do I jump from?

Max altitude of 14,000ft

Skydive Langar