Club Membership

All clubs at UoN have a membership fee. This helps us to fund the running of the club. You must have a membership before undertaking any skydiving course. 


Kit Fee

In order to use our club kit after you qualify you are asked to pay a small hire fee for the year to help us maintain the kit.

UoN Student member:







Course Costs 


Groundschool Training and Level 1 Jump only


(If you choose to continue with the course after this you will simply need to pay the remaining cost of the course).

Full course

(including groundschool training, Level 1-7 Jumps and 10 consolidation jumps)



RAPS Weekend

– Includes ground school training and first jump


RAPS Training Jump

£40 / Jump


Per Tandem Skydive

£230 – £260

Video and Photo Package



UoN Skydiving operates as a Sports Club and we do not directly offer tandem experiences. We advise that you contact Langar Skydive directly if this option is of interest to you.

Jump Tickets

Experienced Jump Tickets

Current UoN Students


Associate / Alumni


Friday Expereinced Jump Ticket


Hop and Pop


Refund Policy

There are no refunds for membership once purchased.

There is a minimum 2 week notice period required for a refund of a Deposits paid for a Skydiving Course or Tandem.

There is a minimum 2 week notice period required for a transfer of Skydiving Course date. There may be select occasions where this can be worked around, so please inform the Committee, but please understand there is no guarantee.