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Formation Skydiving 1, allows you to jump with other skydivers. Most people start training for FS1 as soon as they get their A licence.


Coaches are avalible at the DZ, ask manifest or speak to an experienced skydiver.



Canopy Handling 2 builds on what was learnt in CH1 to give you more advanced skills in extending canopy flight and safe landing patterns. This is mandatory for your B License and a really useful tool for staying safe under canopy.


Ask an instructor for a brief.


JM1 allows you to gear check other skydivers on flightline, spot from the plane, and organise a lift.


This is mandatory for your B License. Ask an instructor for a brief.


FF1is the first step into the world of freeflying. It allows you to jump with others in the sit/stand orientation


Ground School

Alongside other progression towards your A-licence, you must complete Canopy Handling 1, which gives you the basic skills for safe canopy control.


A licence

You're now a qualified skydiver, and can jump solo at any dropzone in the world, but there's still a lifetime of learning left to do!

B licence

JM1, CH2 and 50 jumps are required.

With your B licence, you'll be able to give gear checks on the flight line, act as Jump Master for a load, and wear a full-face helmet.

C licence

200 jumps are required.

With a C licence, you can jump with a camera, jump with any A licence skydiver (ie including those without FS1), and begin training for WS1 if you've completed the 200 jumps within 18 months.


WS1 marks the start of training to wingsuit, and requires 200 jumps within 18 months or 500 jumps to start.

It doesn't matter whether you did RAPS or AFF, the CAT 8 is the last jump before gaining your A-licence, and is a test to show you are safe to skydive solo without instruction.


Manual Manual