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Getting to the dropzone is easy, we live just 20 minutes away from the largest civilian skydiving center in the UK.

The club has a large car pool, and there are cars going most weekends and often during the week.

Once you have joined the club, getting a lift is easy. Simply join the transportation page on facebook, and either ask for lift by starting a new thread, or comment on a drivers post.





To cover fuel costs we ask that each member pays £2 each way. These can be bought in £4 batches. The driver will claim on your behalf, all they need is your name.





For those who use the transport system often, please add your Nottingham address and phone number to our excel spreadsheet.





Drivers are reimbursed for longer trips, find out how much trips to other DZs/Tunnels cost here.

Car Pool


Taking the bus is just as easy.


A guide has been complied to aid you in making this journey





If in doubt, dont hesitate to ask one of the committee

Bus Guide Transportation Group Transport Tickets 10258616_10154105243905554_3373761763292097406_o Details Rules £ Account Balance

Naman Argawal is the transportation sec - 2017/2018. All enquires regarding reimbursment should be sent to his email.