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The Great British Weather

You understand British weather, it's quirky and often unpredictable. However, we often say that the only way to guarantee you won't be jumping is to not be at the dropzone. According to Langar, two-thirds of all days in the year are jumpable. Turn up as often as you can, be an optimist!

Even if the weather turns out badly, there's never a wasted day at the dropzone. Some of the UK's best coaches are always around to give you tips, briefs and guidance - we never stop asking questions, and we've been in the sport for years!



What weather can i jump in?

The answer I'll give is a non-committal 'it depends', both upon your experience and upon the height you're jumping from. If you're doing RAPS and the cloud is quite high then you may be able to jump while experienced skydivers cannot. If the wind is too high then experienced jumpers may be allowed to jump while students cannot -  you'll get a feel for it over time.


For students, the windspeed limit is 15 knots (18 mph); for A-licence and above the limit is 20 knots (23 mph).


Your best bet is to give Langar a ring before setting off. They'll be able to tell you whether people are jumping and whether the weather is improving.




The optimist's weather forecast - if in doubt it's sunny.


Met Office

Met Office shows the weather for Bingham, which is a few miles away. Langar often has radically different weather to the rest of Nottinghamshire.